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As leaders in our industry, Gold Crust Baking Company works constantly and diligently to maintain the highest standards.

Our goals

Our top priorities are three-fold.

  • To never jeopardize in any way the quality of our product. In fact, we take all possible steps to meet up-to-date safety criteria for food handling and production, maintaining the SQF Code Edition 9 standards.
  • To be certain that our employees work conditions are never compromised.
  • To value our customers above all else and to guarantee their care and satisfaction.

Additionally, fending off want is an integral element of our mission and we give generously to the community. Unused breads go to farmers to be used for animal feed. More than $80,000 in bread goes to shelters annually, while churches and festivals are routinely given substantial donations, too.

Simultaneous to all this, Gold Crust Baking Company is committed to reducing our carbon footprint through innovation, efficiency and integrity.