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Our Company

Gold Crust Bakery was founded on dedication and joy. The Christou family put their heart and soul into creating wonderful breads to the highest standard and it shows.

An unwavering commitment to creating exceptional breads sets us apart.

For over 25 years, Gold Crust Baking Company has been producing superlative breads and rolls, using ingredients and baking techniques of the highest quality.

At Gold Crust Bakery our deep respect for classic tastes and traditions is integrated with cutting-edge production technology. We take our time–nearly seven hours from start to finish on most breads–guaranteeing perfection in each crumb.

Delivered from Virginia North to Maine, South to South Carolina, as far West as Michigan, and Nationwide for frozen products, Gold Crust Bakery’s breads–fresh, fully baked and packaged; frozen, ready to bake; and frozen, thaw-to-serve–are all absolutely free of preservatives or additives. With more than a hundred styles from which to choose, we offer an amazing array of delicious taste and texture options. At Gold Crust we bake with family pride!

Born and bread.

Siblings Chris Christou and Nausika Lyubinsky were to the bakery born, living over their parents and grandparents bakery in Solvay, New York during their childhoods. The family of Greek immigrants was loving, hard working and close knit, embracing the American culture of opportunity and enterprise. That strong ethic was forever imparted to Nausika and Chris.

25 years ago, Nausika and Chris, who were both ensconced in corporate careers, felt the pull of the bakery bug. Throwing themselves whole-heartedly into their new endeavor, Gold Crust Baking Company opened in Alexandria, Virginia, furthering their family’s 60-year legacy.

Raised in an environment of complete acceptance of American tradition – respect for one’s family heritage, strong faith, and the benefits of hard work, the Christous felt certain their father, Paul Christou, would be in full support of his children. They were right. Out of retirement he came, offering wisdom and reinforcement, unable to resist the chance to see his children (and grandchildren) once again running around a bakery. To this day, Paul Christou is a hands-on member of the Gold Crust Baking Company family.

Running a family business is a mindset, one that was indelibly instilled in us while growing up. Once you have worked for yourself, it’s nearly impossible to imagine anything else. There is so much joy in seeing the direct benefits of your own hard work. Creating something from nothing–furthering yourself, your family, your employees and your community–is deeply gratifying.

Chris Christou and Nausika Lyubinsky
Co-owners, Gold Crust Baking Company