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Our Process

We believe in the power of tradition, using time-honored recipes, and first class, absolutely pure ingredients.

An ideal loaf takes time and attention.

Gold Crust bakers respect the history that has created today’s perfect breads and incorporate that wisdom into each and every product. 

Highest quality, North American milled flours form the foundation of all of our breads. All are naturally fermented, and do not incorporate additives or preservatives in their recipes. We meet SQF Code Edition 9 and take pride in setting the bar high in all ways, including the safety of our products. Committed to keeping our certifications up-to-date, we work continuously to protect food service providers, retailers and consumers.

Breaking bread

Each step of the way – mixing, rising, shaping, proofing, baking, packaging and delivery – is handled conscientiously by Gold Crust Bakery. A natural and unhurried process – at least seven hours and as many as 24 from start to finish, allows for a long fermentation, necessary for a complex texture and rich layers of flavor.

Breaking bread together has been a cornerstone of human civilization for millennia. We do not take that responsibility lightly at Gold Crust Bakery and our philosophy could not be stronger or more straightforward. Excellent baking depends on superb ingredients handled with time-honored production methods.

Not to be forgotten, an integral element of our process is our service team. You can count on them for clear communication, exemplary service, courtesy, and swift satisfaction.